When you come by car

From Sapporo Sapporo (HOKKAIDO EXPWY) → Hifu JCT (Asahikawa-Monbetsu EXPWY) → Kamikawa Sounkyo IC (National Route 39) → Asahigaoka 180km
From Asahikawa Asahikawa (National Route 39) → Asahigaoka 55km
From JR Kamikawa Station Kamikawa (National Route 39) → Asahigaoka 9.6km
From Kitami Kitami (National Route 39) → Kamikawa Asahigaoka 116km
From Obihiro Obihiro (National Route 241, 273, 39) → Kamikawa → Asahigaoka 147km
From Kushiro Kushiro (National Route 38) → Honbetsu → Nukabira → Mikuni Pass → Kamikawa →Asahigaoka 243km
Villa interior Restaurant scenery

When you come by public transportation

JR JR Sapporo Station /
JR Kamikawa Station
About 2 hours and 20 minutes by limited express
JR JR Asahikawa Station /
JR Kamikawa Station
About 45 minutes by limited express
Bus Kamikawa → Sounkyo About 30 minutes by Dohoku Bus
Bus Asahikawa → Kamikawa About 80 minutes by Dohoku Bus

Please take a taxi from Kamikawa Station. In summer only, you can also use a taxi operated by Daisetsu Mori no Garden, 4 round trips a day. *results of this season

Mori-no Garden Entrance

〒078-1721 Asahigaoka, Kikusui, Kamikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
TEL 01658-2-3921

FRATELLO DI MIKUNI is located in Daisetsu Forest Garden, Asahigaoka.
We would like to introduce Ueno Farm, where the drama "Garden of the Wind" is set, as well as event information and some sightseeing spots around Sounkyo, and so on.
When you come to FRATELLO DI MIKUNI, please also visit the official website of Daisetsu Mori-no Garden from the link below.